About Us

We have served since 2014 to help those who's in need.

Tahun Tubuh

A Succesful Platform In Developing Youth

Malaysian youth is 100% future of Malaysia.

YDKMM continuing efforts to develop more informed and effective strategies that will nurture youth potential and talents and encourage participation…

Our Vision

To become the best foundation that is able to nurture holistic global leaders.

Our Mission

Developing young Muslim leaders by nurturing entrepreneurial mindset in order to provide the best solution for mankind through Islamic values.

Break The Generation Gap

Concept of mentoring could embody the spirit of “Youth to Youth” and “The Future is Now”.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Application of module NLP allows us to create a ways of understanding how verbal and non-verbal communication effect the human brain and personality development of youth.

Nurturing Islamic Values

Aspiring young people to nurture them to be youth-friendly Islamic experts and religious community movers.

A Succesful Platform In Developing Youth

Financial Support

The eligible members could receive financial support that is commensurate with their needs for study and business start-up.

Well-Rounded Human Being

The eligible members could receive financial support that is commensurate with their needs for study and business start-up.

Nurturing Volunteerism

Module “Youth of Strength and Happiness” (YOSH) is to build up the youth personality by promoting the positive values to the community, unleash potential of human resources and enhance the sense of belonging.

Leadership Skills

Shift aims to the value of human being by experimental learning in volunteering activities to have problem solving initiative.

Dr Hj. Mohd Hizul Azri B. Hj. Md Noor

YDKMM Founder and Main Advisor, Medical Doctor (MD, INA), University of Padjadjaran


Malaysian Muslim Welfare Fund Foundation (YDKMM) is established on clear objective, which is to be a medium to benefit the assets transparently and meticulously in order to develop the economy of muslims globally. Creating the rabbanic (men of the lord) community and professional in respective fields were also main goals for the establishment of YDKMM. An effort to achieve these two goals will surely have numerous obstacles. 

However, as a responsible person, every challenging matter should be a charity that will make ourselves, families and our brothers in happy. Understand and love the deed or effort in achieving that goal should become a priority for every individual in YDKMM. Therefore, this will make our every efforts blessed by Allah and victory will be ours. Our islamic value today will not just be on the name, but depend on the deed. 

En. Ahmad Umair Bin Zulkefli

Chairman Of Malaysian Muslim Welfare Fund Foundation
Bach. Of Eng (Hons) Chemical Engineering, Petronas Technology University (UTP), Religion Credential Holder from Perak Islamic Religious Department, Member of Malaysian Scholars Association.


Indeed a man has asked, “O Prophet, who is the best man?”, Then the Prophet said, “Those who has longevity, and his deed is improving.” (Narrated by Tirmizi)

My friends glorified by Allah, the hadith above makes me to ask myself, have I used every opportunities provided by Allah with the best matters? Am I among the best and lucky person? Indeed Allah knows every answer and our mission to keep on striving in accordance to syariatullah.

InsyaaAllah, YDKMM volunteers are ready to help the community together in an effort to succeed the people mission of happiness, in conjunction with the  YDKMM motto that is “An Upper Hand is Better than the Lower Hand”. May the efforts of YDKMM volunteers would be granted with an outstanding rewards from Allah and make them among the best human.

For the final word, let’s synergized together with YDKMM in the chain of goodness until The Creator provide all of us with a best place in His paradise later.