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We currently have about 2,000 YOSH volunteers all accross Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Egypt

YOSH is a unit that is responsible for gathering and managing YDKMM volunteers from various institutions and background all over the world. YOSH offers to help community and people in need. YOSH aims to develop youths in all categories :

Here are some of the products of our youth development programs :

Gambar Azri

Azri Abdul Jalil


Founder of YOUTH Challenge

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Gambar teha

Fatihah Syalwiyah

Gold Vice Chancellor Award UTP 2014

Writer at Synergy Media Sdn Bhd and Motivator

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Gambar Syafiqah Salimun

Syafiqah Salimun

Vice Chancellor Award Receiver UTP 2017

Writer for Secret Success Revealed

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Gambar Faiz Aydil

Faiz Aydil

CEO of Deen Trends PLT, ACE IT Services, Creative Communications

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